Calling All Adopters! Meet TCR’s Holiday Cats!

Luna Noir: 1st "Holiday Cat" to be ADOPTED!

Please check out our “Home For The Holidays” Featured Cats edition (click here).  We are featuring just some of the sweet, adorable cats that have been waiting patiently to be adopted before Christmas morning!  They have been in foster care for years and are so very deserving of a forever family!  The Holiday edition features cats of all ages, colours and natures (social cats, shy cats, young cats, old cats), so please do not pass them by as so many other people have in the past.

Please adopt one (or more) of these lovely companion kitties today – they are ready to help you celebrate the holidays!  Please help Santa make their wish come true!  To adopt, please call 416-538-8593 and press 1.

Because they are so cute, here are a couple of cats featured in the section – don’t you love their holiday spirit?!  Cheers to finding them loving homes!

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  1. Thank you so much for providing us with an update. Please continue to keep us apprised of any other Christmas adoptions. Hopefully every kitty finds their forever home for Christmas.

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