Colony Update: Greenwood / Gerrard

Written by: Colony Caregiver, Lesley C.

Greenwood/Gerrard colony last winter

Here we are, entering year 5… approximately 25+ feral cats and 6 human caretakers.

Since our last writing we have made many accomplishments. With the determined practice of “trap neuter return” (TNR), and the financial support of donors and Toronto Cat Rescue, we had only 2 kittens born into our colony this spring, summer, fall, as opposed to 17 from one cat in the same three season spread the prior year.

Unfortunately, our latest obstacle within the cat colony is age and illness. Some of our cats are becoming seniors and others ill due to environmental situations (fights, fast cars, uneducated humans). With these situations medical treatment is needed, below are some examples:

Wiley: 3 abscesses on his right side due to cat conflict. 2 surgeries, daily treatments for 2 weeks and medication for 3 weeks, at a total cost of $1,000+.

Boss: Bad dental hygiene – teeth pulled and 10 days stay in hospital at a total cost of $1,095.

Myles: Upper respiratory Infection (URI) – 2 weeks of antibiotics and daily care at a cost of $325.

Morris: Hit by a passing car – full examination, x-rays, neuter & recovery at a cost of $405.

Greenwood & Gerrard Colony: A Good Looking Feral Fellow

Food each day (365 days per year), vitamins and immune boosts, we have managed to keep some illnesses at bay.

With winter at our heels, we are focusing on re-building and making new shelters for our colony (34 shelters) as well as for other cats in our colony community, or where ever we are contacted to serve.

With your financial support, we can continue to support the health and welfare of these cats, along with continuing the TNR process with those cats who find their way to our colony who have not yet been fixed.

Donate now and help us help our colony and the over 100,000 feral or abandoned cats in the city of Toronto. Please donate via CanadaHelps stating “Greenwood/Gerrard colony” or “Feral Cats” – all donations will go directly to helping the cats in need.  Donations over $10 will receive a tax receipt.

The colony came about in the Fall of 2007. Lemon was spotted as a kitten with a sick sibling curled up in a parking lot. Her sibling died. What started as leaving hard food for 8 cats every few mornings on my way to work, grew to 7 days per week, 365 days a year, soft food, hard food, kitten milk, water, treats, catnip, makeshift shelters and upwards of 30 cats.

11 Comments on “Colony Update: Greenwood / Gerrard

  1. My wife and I live in the Gerrard-Greenwood area and have been regularly feeding and have provided a shelter for the same feral cat for the past two winters. I say ‘regularly’ but there will stretches of days where the cats doesn’t come by for food or shelter.

    I just learned about the Gerrard-Greenwood Feral Cat Colony today. Is there someone to whom I could forward a photo of ‘our’ feral cat to see if it’s a member of the colony?

  2. Hello, I noticed a Black and White cat (pregnant) Thursday June 7/12 sitting on the sidewalk outside a House on Gerrard Street near Greenwood. Very friendly so I thought it was someones pet. Went back on Sat.9th up to Tues 12th. Have not seen it again. Spoke to a man regarding cats and he said there are “lots” of cats in the area, he had 6 in his backyard. This man said there is one house that has lots of junk in the back yard and he has cats all over the place, neighbours want something done about them.
    Is there still someone looking after the cats and if so what is the # are we looking at? I am concerned and spoke to someone with UCR regarding them. Please could someone let me know?

  3. Hi there,
    I live not too far from this colony and would like to help when I can, either drop off food, help financially if I can etc.. Is there one of the caregivers that could contact me?

    Thanks, Josée

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