Meet TCR’s Help For Cats Volunteers!

Meet some of Toronto Cat Rescue’s Line 3 / Help For Cats Volunteers!  This dedicated group of volunteers speak with owners who want to surrender their cats, members of the public who would like to rescue and foster a stray cat, and people who want to help the feral cats in their community.  This is our way of trying to help as many cats as we possibly can with our current resources (remember TCR is 100% volunteer with no government funding!).  A BIG thank-you to these volunteers.  If you would like to be part of this team, please fill in our Volunteer Form today!  We always need and appreciate the help!

Alicia volunteers on the Help For Cats Line, as well as helping to care for a feral colony and helping out at fundraising events. She has two amazing kitties named Cleo and Ari, one of which was rescued by TCR. Alicia works for the Government of Canada and attends York University for Psychology. In her spare time she enjoys playing volleyball, tennis, rowing, yoga and photography.

Brianne truly feels that Line 3, which lays at the heart of TCR, inherently provides this organization with a direct line of communication with the feline community. Inspired to take this volunteer role after meeting a charismatic, one-eyed, stray kitty named Billy; she is touched by TCR’s ability to help control, manage and successfully bring medical aid to the stray and feral populations alike. If you share her passion for kitties and the belief that through hard work, a lot of heart and dedication anything IS possible, then she challenges you to take on an active role as a Line 3 Volunteer. It is sure to feed your courageous soul.

Cathi did some Trap-Neuter-Release efforts on her own before she even knew rescues existed. Cathi has been with TCR for four years, starting as a trapper/ TNR volunteer, then adopt-a-thons, fostering and socializing kitties before joining the Line 3 team. Life got busy with a full time job, two kids and her own senior pets to take care of, so to slow down she is currently volunteering for Line 3, helping at adopt-a-thons and managing two small colonies. Cathi shares: “I wish more people knew about TNR and rescue groups. There are many people that want to help but don’t know how. I also wish people knew what rescues are and how they work – many are disappointed because they think we are government funded and expect different things from what we can do“. Cathi loves the outdoors, spending time with family and doing things that make a difference (which comes from her social work background).

Meaghan has been volunteering with TCR’s Line 3 since September 2010. She works full-time in media and part-time at a local animal hospital as an animal care attendant. It was because of her clinic experience that she decided to help animals in her spare time. Originally from Nova Scotia, Meaghan moved to the GTA over four years ago and within one year adopted her rescue dog and cat (her furry family!). She attributes them to her passion for all animal welfare issues and loves volunteering with TCR. She also volunteers at the Toronto Humane Society socializing stray and feral kittens as well as at the TNR Feral Cat Spay and Neuter clinics.

Michael started volunteering for TCR’s Line 3 in October 2011 following a first hand experience on the other side of the line, with TCR providing helpful advice and assistance to a Trap-Neuter-Return newbie. He is passionate about the rights of animals, big and small, enjoys photography, playing soccer and is addicted to house music. He studied computer science at UofT before getting a grad degree in economics and has since worked as an economist at the Bank of Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Finance. Michael and his lovely wife share their home with two dogs, a cat, and several previously-feral kittens which they have been socializing in the hope of adopting out.

Sen volunteers on the TCR Help For Cats line, helps to care for a feral colony, and helps out at a local shelter. Sen lives with their kitty Yoda, who inspired them to start helping other cats in the first place by teaching Sen about cat rescue and the animal shelter system. Sen works in the finance industry designing and running computer systems, helps run a local maker space, and runs an electronics design company in their spare time (when they’re not helping cats!).

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