Double The Purrs, Double The Fun!

Kittens Brittany & Simon seek a loving family!

We have launched a new page on our website highlighting our Bonded Cats currently available for adoption.  Adopt 2 very lucky kitties into your family – click to view the lovely pairs!

Benefits of Bonded Pairs:

1. Thinking that that having two companion animals is double the work, think again! Adopting a bonded pair can actually end up being less work because they will play and keep each other company (and you don’t have to feel guilty when you leave the home!).  They will be on the same feeding schedule and you still have to clean the litter box whether there is one kitty or two in the home.

2. If you’re considering adopting two cats it is much easier to adopt a bonded pair right away because a special introduction process may have to be followed when introducing a second cat into the family later on to avoid hissy fits!

3. Good lessons for children, including the importance of understanding sibling and animal relationships.  Having children help maintain the bond between two animals allows them to witness the support and love they offer each other, aka the importance of loyalty and cooperation.

The Best Reason: You are giving two best friends a loving forever home together!  Just think how fun the holidays will be with two furry friends in your home!  Call today to adopt a bonded pair: 416-538-8592, press #1.

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