URGENT – Tommy Desperate For Home by November 27th!!

Please help Tommy.

Update: Tommy has been adopted and is now warm and cozy in his forever home!!  Your help in working this little miracle for Tommy is greatly appreciated!  Thank YOU!

Tommy is currently living in a recovery area in a Scarborough workplace building that he had lived outside of for some time

Tommy was brought inside approximately three weeks ago to be treated for a huge facial abscess that prevented him from being able to eat. He went to a TCR vet and is now healthy and happy, as well as neutered and vaccinated. He spent the first week of recovery with a drainage tube in his face, the infection was so bad. He has also had six teeth pulled. Poor Tommy was just days away from death when his kind rescuers took him to a TCR vet for for treatment.

This handsome boy needs YOU!

Tommy is clearly a dumped cat. Once upon a time he had a home but somehow he ended up homeless at the age of eight years old. Tommy would be happy as a single cat or would likely be okay with passive cat companions, particularly females. He has been an absolute doll throughout his recovery. Now that he’s inside, he is a cuddly and friendly guy who can’t get enough tummy rubs, so he does not want to go back out in the cold.

Please help Tommy remember what it means to be someone’s forever companion again!  To adopt, please contact us today (don’t delay!): 416-538-8592, press #1, or fill in our online adoption form here.

41 Comments on “URGENT – Tommy Desperate For Home by November 27th!!

  1. Hurray for Tommy! i was wondering whether I could play “musical rooms” to foster him in my place.

  2. I’m so happy for Tommy and hope he is comfortable and being treated as well as he deserves to be… I was a day late in getting to this little guy. I will be keeping my eyes open for another potential brother/sister to adopt for my sweet orange baby Conrad 🙂

  3. I’m just curious, was there something wrong with my comment that it didn’t get approved in my attempt to help you spread the word about tommy?

    • Hi Cheryl, Your comment is posted on our site – you just have to scroll through the older comments (there is a limit to how many appear per page). Thanks for your help!

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