Rescue In Action: Oliver & Twist

Written By: Bob M.

Oliver and Twist: Survivors... and adopted!

I found Oliver and Twist, along with their three siblings, abandoned by their mom at a junkyard in Etobicoke. I heard little cries for help coming from underneath a huge storage container. I think that they were probably born within the previous 24 hours. I couldn’t see them at first because there was a large pipe blocking my view.  Once I moved the pipe, I could just see the kittens six to eight feet out of reach.  I was shocked at what appeared to be a ‘clump’ of kittens all together, but I could see that at least three were moving.  I couldn’t reach them as they were too far away, and I had only about eight inches of clearance, so I couldn’t crawl under.  I found a pole which I joined with tape to a fish net (great for kittens) that I had in the car, and I reached under as far as I could.  I placed the net over the mass of kittens and slowly pulled them towards me… I will never forget what I saw next.

No wonder the mom had abandoned them, they were all wrapped up together in their umbilical cords.  I then noticed that there were five kittens in total.  I tried to untangle them but with no luck – it was impossible.  I rushed them home and proceeded to wash and clean them up so I could better see the umbilical cords.  I then very carefully proceeded to find and cut each of the umbilical cords and separate them one by one.
I couldn’t have done this without Andrew’s help, it was very hard to see and I was praying I did it correctly.

One of the kittens (Twist) had an umbilical cord wrapped so tightly around his foot it cut off the blood circulation.  He eventually had to have the lower portion of his leg removed (this does not stop him from getting around though).  We lost three of the kitten’s during the first week, but Twist along with his brother Oliver managed to survive.

This is a true story of survival is an excellent example of why I want these two little guys adopted together.  If it wasn’t for Oliver‘s love and devotion to Twist, this story may have a different ending.  I also want to express my appreciation for the tremendous help and support from my friend Brenda.

Update: The boys are being adopted together!  At their vet appointment to be neuter and receive their vaccinations a staff member fell in love with the brothers and is adopting them! They never even made it onto the TCR website as “Available for Adoption”.  Thank you Bob for saving their lives!

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  1. thank goodness for people like you who went the extra mile despite all odds. What a wonderful story!

  2. I and another tenant fournd 4 kittens here in Kitchener in our trash bins (which go 12 feet into the ground) and he got a ladder and got them out. We took them to a local (No Kill) shelter and all were adopted within days, so thanks to anyone who has done the same kind of thing

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