Become A Feline Foster Family

Adopted: Flossy!

Toronto Cat Rescue always needs Foster Homes for cats or kittens needing a second chance.  Did you know that TCR has many dedicated volunteers in Kitchener / Waterloo?  We are especially in need of foster homes located in Kitchener as we rescue from a high-kill shelter, the streets and from First Nations Reserves in the area. If you are interested in literally saving and making lives better, please become a foster parent.

TCR does not have a shelter, we have a network of loving foster homes. Foster homes are important because our cats are placed in our volunteer foster homes to await adoption. Each foster home space that we have available represents one more cat that we can assist. All of our volunteers are important, but without foster homes and adoptions, we would not be able to rescue any cats. Our foster homes are always full because there is an endless need for them!

Temporary Recovery Homes are also needed. You will not be conducting adoptions from your home, you will only be helping a kitty get healthy. TCR needs volunteers that are willing to take sick or recovering kitties into their home for a short term stay (one to four weeks). You will have to be comfortable giving medications, eg: pills, eye drops, etc… You will need a nice cozy room or area in your home that is quiet and away from your own cats, so kitty can happily get well in peace. Lots of support will be given from the foster home coordinators.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about fostering, or if you would like to foster one of our many cats on our waiting list. Please fill in our Foster Application today!  Thank YOU!

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