Desperate For A Forever Home: Meet Gats and Linx

Gats and Linx want to cuddle on your couch with you!

Gats and Linx are adult fellows who are seeking their forever home together.  They were left at their pet-sitters home and never picked up by their owners – poor dears.  Gats even had an infected eye – but his foster mom helped Gats by getting him the surgery he needed and now he is a happy boy!

They have been together since they were kittens (born July 1, 2004) and are best friends. The boys are both good with school aged children, and will be fine with other cats if introduced properly. Gats and Linx are a joy to watch when they play (including some kitty rough-housing) and when they snuggle and groom each other. They are very sweet cats and whomever adopts these boys will love them and will never regret it their choice!

Gats is a good looking, black, fluffy fellow who is definitely a lap cat. He loves to hug you when you pick him up – he will put his paws around your neck for a big kitty hug! He is very gentle and sweet. Gats is quite active, playful and always enjoys a good game of laser pointer.

Marble brown tabby Linx is an entertainer – he is playful fellow who always enjoys a good snuggle. He will enrich his forever home with his antics – especially when he plays “fetch” with you. He has beautiful markings that makes him look like a tiny tiger. He is very sweet, and loves to talk – he says, ” Hello, I Love You” with his kitty meows and expressive eyes. He loves his food, especially his wet food.

Gats and Linx are neutered and vaccinated.  If you would like to meet and adopt them, please contact us today.  Please call: 416-538-8592, press #1, or fill in our online form here

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