Blind, Declawed, Little Senior ADOPTED!

Precious is a complete dear hoping to be adopted soon.

ADOPTED! Born May 8th, 1998, Precious is a mature spring chicken in need of a new home. Her family named her Precious because they say she is the sweetest and most gentle cat ever! She had lived with them for 10 years and they loved her very much, but sadly the new baby boy in the family was not able to be around Precious without getting ill from severe allergies.  Toronto Cat Rescue found Precious a caring foster home, but she really needs a forever home.

Precious enjoys taking long naps in the sun and lounging around the house. She loves to be brushed and pet, and sometimes she likes to hide under blankets and take naps there too. She is very easy going, so she get along great with other animals. Precious loves children as long as they are gentle. She is blind, so a home that doesn’t move the furniture and a family that doesn’t sneak up on her would be fabulous! This sweet lady knows she will be your very best friend if you adopt her (which she really hopes you do!).  

5 Comments on “Blind, Declawed, Little Senior ADOPTED!

  1. I love senior cats (we have a declawed 14 year old we adopted 2 years ago who is the sweetest thing) and would take her in a second. My worry is that we have a staircase with open backs and I worry she would fall through.

    • Surprisingly it would probably be okay, though with blind cats the stairs should be blocked off at least at first since Precious could fall down them. Once they know where everything in the house is they work around obstacles by memory. Precious is currently living in a home with stairs.

  2. She’s so adorable. My mom and I are in love with her. Too bad my three kitties are far too young and crazy for Precious. 🙁

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