Bibi Seeks TLC In Her Forever Home

Adopt Adorable Bibi

Bibi means ‘miss’, and is a pet-name used in exotic far-away lands to mean ‘sweetheart’ or ‘darling’ – and this sweet Bibi clearly lives up to her name. She’s an adorable young lady of grace and refinement – that much is obvious from the moment that she elegantly sashays into your presence, her dainty little Polydactyl feet pointed outwards just like a ballerinas. Tragically though, this sweet Mademoiselle is one who has fallen upon hard times. While Bibi’s past is a mystery, it’s clear that she’s had reason to love people, but sadly, not to trust them very much. 

When she meets you she’ll rub against your legs enthusiastically and talk eloquently to you (understanding both english and french- an intelligent young lady!). She makes excellent company, but, no doubt as a result of some prior misdeed against her, she finds it hard to reciprocate and accept affection. She’ll not be petted until she’s grown to trust you – certainly not picked up – and she takes time to build that trust. Between little cheek rubs against your calves she’ll sometimes offer a hesitant hiss, as if to say “Please don’t break my heart! I won’t let you close enough to hurt me!”.

Her foster mother, however, can confidently brush her, pet her, and even scratch her ears and lightheartedly scold her for being so dubious about kind peoples intentions, so it is clear that a great rapport can be built with calm and consistant interaction. In her foster-home she also lived with another cat, whom she really didn’t mind (provided he didn’t accost her unexpectedly), and a baby, whom she was very tolerant of, despite being handled a little more roughly by the little one than she’d have preferred.

Bibi desperately needs a family to call her own!

Her behaviour around other cats is much the same as with people – she appreciates their companionship, but kitties need to respect her boundaries, and sadly that was not the case in her foster home (the boy-cat who lived there was a bit bossy), and also isn’t in the store that she’s now visiting – where the rowdy kitten hordes don’t quite seem to understand the concept of ‘personal space’. This has led to her becoming a bit of a recluse, as she has no desire to be bounced all over, wrestled with, or chewed upon by them, however well-meaning their intentions.

Bibi does enjoy one on one quality time with the store volunteers, and after the rowdy kittens are all tired out and tucked back up in their condos, she’ll come out to see whoever is on duty, and enthusiastically talk about her day before daintily snacking on her wet dinner, enjoying a relaxing stretch, and then hopping back up into her condo to enjoy a sprinkle of catnip or some crunchy treats upon her comfy pillow before retiring for the evening.

This little darling has the potential to make a great friend to whoever is prepared to invest some time and patience into helping her to regain her trust in people. She talks tough, but is invariably harmless – just a frightened young lady looking for a place to call home forever, and for a family who will love her entirely.

Bibi is spayed, vaccinated and was born September 15, 2009.  She is currently being fostered in PetSmart Brampton (9065 Airport Road & Queen St (formally Hwy 7)/ 905-789-0384/ map).  Please visit her today!  Please call us to adopt sweet Bibi: 416-538-8592, press #1, or fill in our online form here.  Bibi needs you!  

One Comment on “Bibi Seeks TLC In Her Forever Home

  1. Doesn’t anyone want this beautiful and smart little girl, she would be an amazing companion to anyone.

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