Kitty Diva ADOPTED!!

Please help Maggie - she needs you!


Fluffy and beautifully coloured Maggie is very friendly and a sweet little diva. Although very sociable and affectionate, she is a “non-verbal” cat. She is also very smart – she never snatches food or jumps on the dining table. She loves being around people, and has been affectionately called a “cat-dog” by visitors to her home.

Maggie was born January 1, 2005 and is spayed and vaccinated.  She was rescued by her current family from the pound when she was expecting and all her kittens were promptly adopted. She has always been fed high-quality food by her family: hard food in the morning and wet at night with some “treats” (Greenies). She enjoys her daily brush as well! Her vet visits are up-to-date and she has a clean bill of health. Maggie is best suited for an adult-only family as she may nip.  She started to do this only after a child was added to her family (she has never biten the child!) and is not aggressive in general.

Maggie loves cuddles!!

URGENT: Maggie is currently being kept away from her family and residing in their basement. TCR desperately wants to help her out, so Maggie has a reduced adoption fee of $99, vs. our standard fee of $175.  Please help us, help Maggie! This little diva just needs an understanding, affectionate adult-only home!

Thank you for all our support, from our volunteers and Maggie!

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