Rescue In Action: Meet Little Lu Lu!

Written By: Jennifer A. – TCR Volunteer.

Call us crazy cat people or just call us crazy… we don’t care! Here’s a short story that more than adequately sums up why we do what we do!

Little Lu Lu: "Before"

Meet ‘Little Lu Lu’! This sad wee soul was picked up by TCR on Thursday, July 21st – the hottest day on record – a sweltering 50 degrees! Little Lu Lu was discovered in an industrial area – sitting quietly and seemingly waiting for death. She was grossly emaciated, severely underweight (at only 1.5 lbs), absolutely filthy, and worst of all…she had a huge gaping hole in her neck. Needless to say, Lu Lu was rushed to a veterinary clinic for immediate medical care. The doctor didn’t think she would survive the surgery required to repair her neck wound but Lu Lu astounded everyone. Not only did she pull through the trauma her tiny body went through but now, just two weeks later, she’s thriving and has already doubled in weight! Little Lu Lu is healthy, happy, mischievous and full of kitten antics. She has a sweet gentle nature, is extremely loving and her huge wide-eyed expression has captured the hearts of everyone.

Little Lu Lu: "After"

TCR came to the rescue of this delightful kitten as they have done for so many others in the past and will continue to do so until there is no longer a need for cat rescue (let’s all hope that that day comes soon). The work that this dedicated community of volunteers does day in and out, is truly remarkable. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart… and so does Little Lu Lu.

UPDATE: Little Lu Lu has been adopted!  The lucky family that adopts this absolute sweetie is in for a lifetime of sheer joy!  If you would like to donate towards Little Lu Lu’s vet bills, please check out our Ways To Donate page.  Thank you!

8 Comments on “Rescue In Action: Meet Little Lu Lu!

  1. She is too adorable. Obviously it wan’t her time to go. I hope she goes to a wonderful, loving, and caring forever home. This is truly an amazing rescu story!

    Sandra Monteiro

  2. Awe she is so cute. You guys and gals are the best to save her. Great job.

    Lisa Morse

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