Meet TCR’s Adoption Coordinators!

Meet some of Toronto Cat Rescue’s Adoption Coordinators!  This dedicated group of ladies speak with potential adopters to make sure that our cats will match their forever families lifestyle and personalities.  Only the best adopters need apply!

Alison lives in the GTA with her husband, five children and two cats named Tuli and Paige. She is currently a stay at home mom. Alison majored in English in university, and she would eventually like to go back to school to get her nursing degree when her kids are grown. She has had a love of animals her whole life, having grown up originally in New Jersey with cats, dogs, guinea pigs, ferrets, and a bird. Alison became involved with TCR almost three years ago, after adopting Tuli through TCR. Alison volunteers as an adoption coordinator, as well as TCR’s miscellaneous line, and helping to promote TCR events. She has volunteered in some form since age 14, having volunteered in a hospital for six years prior to volunteering with TCR. “I love to help people, and I have a love of animals, and by being an adoption coordinator I can fulfill my love of both things.

Brianne shares an incredible friendship with a one-eyed, stray cat named Billy, who inspired her to volunteer for TCR’s Line 3. Her supportive boyfriend Cameron also keeps her motivated and encouraged her to take an active role in Adoptions. Brianne strives to help cats achieve their greatest potential as modeled by Annabelle, who at the ripe age of nine has finally come out of her shell. Brianne completed her BA Honours degree in English and is excited to see which direction her career will take. An advocate of health and leading an active lifestyle, her loves include music, dance, sports and writing.

Christina started her volunteer work with TCR by taking pictures (being a professional photographer and animal lover!) of pets with Santa Claus to help raise money for the kitties. Soon after, she joined the team of Adoption Coordinators and has been in this role for over a year now. Christina works both as a wedding/event photographer and as a Scheduling Assistant in the Executive office at the Ontario Arts Council. She shares her home with her boyfriend and their two black cats, Nico and Olive, and one deaf cat, James. In her spare time, she enjoys learning to speak Italian and spending time with friends and family.

Colette is an avid animal activist and vegetarian! She loves all animals, especially Loulou – a larger than life calico cat and her best friend Henry a five year old cuddly chinchilla. Colette is a feral colony caregiver at two downtown locations. She is involved with TCR kitten socialization after successful feral trapping, volunteers on the TCR adoption line and assists with fundraising events at Pawsway and the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair. Colette is a Reiki practitioner in her spare time, but only for pets! She also enjoys spinning classes, traveling, experimenting with food and believes: “A house is not a home without a pet”.

Erika-Colleen (aka EC) is one of several screeners who conduct phone and adopt-a-thon interviews with potential adopters. She is also a part-time “kitty cuddler”; keeping cats happy, fed and clean at TCR’s affiliated store adoption centers. In addition, EC has also helped to train some of the new volunteers on their duties and responsibilities at those centers. EC has previously worked as a volunteer for the local humane society and as a technical assistant in a veterinary hospital prior to moving to the GTA. She currently resides with her partner, his daughter and their two cats; a Siamese mix named Casper and a Tortie named Kismet. EC enjoys sci-fi and fantasy novels, movies and TV programs, as well as working out at the gym and practicing yoga.

Joan started volunteering after her teaching career in Etobicoke, where she taught geography, history and law. She volunteered with the Etobicoke Humane Society for many years adopting kittens and cats to caring families. She admits that she was never a cat lover until a 5 month old long haired white kitten with a plume of a black tail named Snuggles appeared in their garden – it was love at first sight! Snuggles has been part of the family for 11 years, along with Heidi who made her way to their home 9 years ago, and had obviously been previously abused. Joan has been feeding and caring for a feral colony at Ronson for the past two years and loves the wonderful cats there. “I would have never thought feral cats would be so lovely. We even found a home for one named Fred this winter!“. Aside from her passion for cats and all animals (there is a menagerie in their backyard), Joan loves gardening, reading and of course, golf! “Volunteering with TCR has been a true joy in my life.

Kendra started volunteering with TCR after calling in about a stray cat near her office in August 2010, and has loved every minute since. She started out cleaning cages and helping to coordinate/train volunteers for the Pet Valu on Bloor and has since taken on new and exciting positions. She is an adoption coordinator, helps out at events, runs adopt-a-thons, feeds feral cats and maintains our twitter (@TorontoCatRescu) page. When she is not volunteering you can find her curled up with a good book, crocheting, or cuddling her own two kitties Oakley and Milo – brothers she rescued about two years ago. She is also happy to announce her friend has adopted the stray cat and named him Morrison, so she still gets to see him from time to time in his new happy home!

Selena is a TCR adoption coordinator and volunteer. During the week you will find her cleaning cages and snuggling cats at our affiliated pet stores, and on Saturdays she speaks with potential adopters on our adoption line. Selena is an autism advocate and homeschooling Mum with two fabulous kids and her kitty she rescued nearly 15 years ago. Selena started volunteering for TCR when she was looking for a volunteer job that her autistic son could participate in that would involve one of his favourite things in the world – cats! Selena enjoys reading, scrapbooking, photography and meeting the incredible people who give TCR cats a safe place to call home.

Tracy is the Director of Recruiting and Human Resources for an IT Consulting company – her company has been great in allowing her to take TCR calls during business hours! She is currently engaged to her fiance Aaron and lives in Milton with their fur family: cats Weezer and Sloan, semi-feral cat Foster, and their Great Dane Sleeman (at age one he is finally starting to realize cats are not toys). Tracy enjoys traveling and wine, and loves photography, having photographed several weddings. She is originally from Nova Scotia, and has lived in Manitoba and New Brunswick as well. She moved to Ontario to earn her Master’s in Philosophy at the University of Western. Tracy became involved with TCR as a store volunteer. She is currently an Adoption Coordinator on Wednesday, the General Coordinator for the Miscellaneous Line, and a back-up volunteer / trainer for Line 3. She is also a loving TCR foster home! Tracy enjoys being an Adoption Coordinator because it is nice to see the rescued cats and kittens being adopted into loving families (and receiving the rewarding updates afterwards!), especially since she volunteered for Line 3 and saw first hand how many kitties are in desperate need of good homes. “I like to think I can put my recruiting skills to good work matching cats and families.

9 Comments on “Meet TCR’s Adoption Coordinators!

  1. Hi Christina & Selena – We picked up our kitten Jackson from Pet Valu on Bloor 2 weeks ago and we are so happy to have him in our household. He is great with our son – very gentle and he loves to cuddle with me. Thank you for the beautiful Jackson!!!!!

  2. Hi wonderful women,
    I am looking for a rescue centre to adopt my cat, she is around 6 yrs old, my daugter found her outside when she was a kitten, she is beautiful and is very friendly and affectionate indoor cat, she has been neutered, I am moving and cannot take her with me and cannot find anyone to take her that I can trust and to go to a good home, do you have any suggestions ?
    thank you for all your help

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