Limited Time Only: Reduced Adoption Fee!!

ALL TCR cats born on or before March 15th, 2011 have a reduced adoption fee of $98, vs. our standard adoption fee of $175. (Select kittens, ALL young cats, ALL adult cats and ALL senior cats!)

Adopt before end of day Wednesday, August 3rd to take advantage of this amazing deal!  The kitties are waiting for ya (over 400 adoptable kittens & cats on our site): click here!

4 Comments on “Limited Time Only: Reduced Adoption Fee!!

    • Hi Zoya, We do not have a shelter, but a network of volunteer foster homes across the GTA and Kitchener. We also have kitties in our affiliated pet stores. Please call our adoption line with the cat (or cats) you are interested in and our adoption coordinators will tell you where the kitty is located for a meet & greet after a short interview.

  1. Awesome poster! I hope that it works some magic and help more little ones find their forever homes. Great work!!!

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