PetSmart Trinity Commons Closing

Toronto Cat Rescue’s affiliated Trinity Commons PetSmart location in Brampton will be closing its doors in August 2011.  We are very appreciative to the PetSmart staff, our volunteers and our adopters who have made this relationship a great success over the years.  The available kitties below have been moved out of the store as they were the last ones fostered at this location.  Please adopt one (or more!) little companions (they are just purr-fect!).  Call our adoption coordinators today to meet them: 416-538-8592, press #1.

PetSmart Trinity Commons, Brampton: 70 Great Lakes Drive / 905-789-7833 / map 

Note: TCR has two other affiliated PetSmart locations in Brampton: 9065 Airport Road (cats are in-store year round) and 547 Steeles Ave. East (every other month, back in August!).

3 Comments on “PetSmart Trinity Commons Closing

  1. Hi,
    I just saw a sign that a brand new PetSmart is going up across from Sherway Gardens.
    On North Queen St. (across from Walmart)
    Please contact them.

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