Seniors Georgie & Maddie Seek A Second Chance

Update: The gals have been adopted into their forever home!!

Seniors Georgie and Maddie are best friends that have been together since they were kittens. The only family they have ever known dropped them off at one of our clinics to be euthanized because they decided to move to the west coast without them.  Our vet could not put these ladies to sleep as they are in excellent health. They are not only beautiful outside, but have wonderful personalities and will enrich any caring home!

Georgie & Maddie are desperate for a home!

Georgie is a 16 year old long-haired, tabby tortie girl, who has been spayed and declawed.  She enjoys being brushed is always happy to cuddle and get pets. She will give quiet meows when she wants more attention and will purr non-stop.

Maddie is a 15 year old long-haried dilute tortie, who has been spayed and declawed. She is a very pretty girl with a nice soft coat. She likes gentle brushing and will purr just at the sight of getting some possible pets. She is a little more bashful than her friend Georgie upon first meeting, but once she warms up she enjoys sleeping on your lap or in your bed.

Both Georgie and Maddie get along well with dogs and cats and would do well in a home where the other animals respect their seniority. They deserve to find a nice home to spend the rest of their glory years in, perhaps yours?  The gals sure hope so, they are in need of a loving home!

In lieu of our standard adoption fee, a donation of the adopters choice is appreciated.

3 Comments on “Seniors Georgie & Maddie Seek A Second Chance

  1. Yes I do not know the whole story but why not bring these members of the family along with them to their new home??? Perhaps they are moving to a condo that does not allow pets…I am very puzzled at anyone being capable of doing this without an excellent reason.

  2. This makes me sad of how the pet parent can surrender two beautiful and healthy cats, after living with them for so many years. And to euthanize them, that’s just horrible

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