A Little Piece of Art: Adopt Hannah!

Hannah is good with other cats, but would also be happy in a single-cat home!

Hannah is a quirky little cat, who is very affectionate and endearing. She is a classic cat in that she likes to spend much of her time just lounging around. She does have her playful moods and will especially go crazy for the laser light – she is so much fun! She likes to be around people and can be very amusing, especially when there’s food around. She will try to eat absolutely anything and will suck up immensely to anyone who has food.

Hannah is very friendly once she makes herself at home. She’ll make herself comfortable curled up nearby you, so she can be pet and have her belly rubbed – an amazing stress relief after a long day.  Hannah gets along fine with other cats, but she will also do well as an only cat. Hannah is a very sweet and extremely endearing little girl who would love to finally to be adopted into her forever home. Look at her – she is stunning!!

Adopt this little piece of art – she will brighten up her forever home with style and personality!  Hannah was born January 15, 2007 and is spayed and vaccinated.  Call us today to adopt her: 416-538-8592, please press #1.

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