Some Romance For Lance?

Lance post surgery! Beautiful green eyes!

Lance was rescued from a high volume shelter were he was on death row.  TCR became aware of him because their shelter contact was his champion and really wanted him to be rescued.  At the time of rescue Lance had a condition where his eye lid was turned in and he needed surgery… quickly!  TCR saved this very sweet and affectionate boy from the cold, lonely shelter cage and got him straight to a vet.  He had corrective surgery for his eye and was neutered at the same time.  He went to a caring foster home to recover from his surgery.  A couple of weeks later, at a recheck appointment, the vet determined he needed a second surgery on his eye.  Finally, Lance’s eye is on the mend and he is a happy boy once again.   He just needs a forever home.

Lance is a very social and friendly boy.  He gets along with dogs and other cats.  Lance is FIV+, but please do not let this faze you – he is currently healthy and with a loving, low stress home and good food, this little champ can lead a long, happy life.  He will be fine in a home with non-FIV+ cats as well. 

Please consider Lance to be a part of your family – he deserves a second chance at happiness in a caring home.  He promises to return your love 100 times over!  Lance has been neutered, vaccinated and was born January 1, 2009.  To adopt this charmer, please call us today!  416-538-8592, please press #1.

Learn more about FIV – don’t judge Lance on a blood test: click here

If you would be so kind as to donate to Lance’s medical bills, please see our “Ways To Donate” page.  Thanks!!

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  1. Hi Folks,

    In your ad you state: don’t let that “phase” you
    phase: Carry out (something) in gradual stages

    It should say: “Don’t let that faze you
    faze: Disturb or disconcert

    Have a good day

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