Adopt Lovable Lug Nut!

Lug Nut will warm your heart!

Big lovable Lug Nut is a true hedonist. He lives for cuddles and head scratches and will happily twist himself into a million positions to assist you in reaching every inch of him. He is perfectly happy to lay splayed out on his back like a starfish if it gets his soft white belly rubbed.

Despite his size (he has an enormous head) Lug Nut is a gentle, passive guy that is easily intimidated by other male cats but could be persuaded to share his humans with a nice, friendly female cat. The big guy found himself dumped in a metal cage at a high kill shelter when his loving owner suddenly passed away and he was quite frightened by this new predicament. Luggy is fostered in a home with several males cats and two dogs and so he feels safer staying in a small room in the house.

Please open your heart and home to this big sweetie, he would love to have a home of his own to prowl around. 10 minutes spent petting Lug Nut does more to relieve the day’s stress than prozac and a pina coloda!  Lug Nut was born March 2005 and he is neutered, vaccinated and ready for his forever family to adopt him.

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