Fluffy Lucy Seeks Forever Cuddles

Lucy is a complete companion cat!

Lucy will run to the door to greet you when you come home with lots of meows, even if she was asleep before your arrival!  She loves to sit and snooze in the sun and is very, very cuddly after she wakes up from a nap. She loves to be pet and snuggled and will purr, purr, purr while turning over and over on the floor as you pat her.

Lucy is super soft and fluffy, and has a sweet and gentle, but fun personality. She will talk to you as she follows you around the home, and if she wants to play, she will come over to you and tap you on the leg a couple times with her paw or nibble your elbow if she can reach! Lucy loves to play, be chased and chase you around the house!  She will be fine in a home with older children to play with her – she is a very fun girl. She will play alone when you are not home, but needs stimulation and her foster parents feel she might be okay with another playful cat.

Fluffy Lucy can't wait to cuddle and play with you!

Lucy easily lets you groom her and cut her nails.  She loves to be wet – she loves to be pet with water soaked hands every day and she cries for more! She’s the sweetest cat her foster parents have ever had.  She sleeps on the bed every night by your feet or close to your chest, but never on you and not often touching your body. She drinks from a filtered water fountain, and her foster parents will give it to Lucy’s lucky adopters, along with all her toys!

Lucy was born February 20, 2007 and is spayed and vaccinated.

Adopted in 2012!

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