*Urgent* Indoor / Outdoor Home Needed For Archie

Little Archie needs a family!

Archie is a smart, playful and affectionate boy who was rescued from life on the streets last September. His rescuers brought him in for the winter, but continued to give him access to the outdoors on their cat-proof balcony. His rescuers surrendered him to a TCR foster home recently, as Archie did not get along with their resident cat.  He is very unhappy as an indoor only cat in a small apartment and as a result he has starting acting out.

Archie needs a new foster or forever home as soon as possible.  He is an adorable, lovable, chatty, indoor/outdoor boy.  Please help us help Archie.

Archie’s new home should be a single-pet home, and he’d love a larger sized apartment/condo, or even better, a house. Archie is a rare case in that he needs access to the outdoors, and while almost all cats adjust to indoor-only living, he cannot. TCR is looking for a home for him that will provide supervised, secure access to the outdoors, ideally via a cat den, enclosed deck, or secure backyard.

Archie was born January 2008 and is FIV/FeLeuk negative. He will be microchipped prior to adoption. He is a lovely chatty boy, who plays fetch and begs like a puppy. He purrs loudly and loves his treats.  hank-you, we appreciate it – and so does Archie!

3 Comments on “*Urgent* Indoor / Outdoor Home Needed For Archie

  1. I am so happy to hear that Archie (AKA Rufus) has moved to the country to live on a farm. We fell in love with him in April 2010 when he decided to follow my son home one night. We tried to everything in our power to reunite him with his original owners to no avail. After living outside on the property where we live from April until September and surviving not only the weather but also the construction that was going on around our building we decided to bring him inside. Unfortunately, he did not get along with our other cat which was also a rescue 2 years prior but we some how managed. The cats had to be separated and put into separate rooms every 3-4 hours which wasn’t fair to either one of them. When the weather started changing and the temperatures started to rise we contacted Toronto Cat Rescue with hopes that they could help and they did. Archie (AKA Rufus) went to the Cat Adopt A Thon in Brampton on Friday April 29th and stayed there for 3 days without any luck. He was returned to us on the Sunday and we kept him until another foster family could be found, which took 2 weeks and he was off again. He stayed in his new home for approximately 2-3 weeks then he was shipped off yet again. So as you can see we are extremely happy that he has finally found a forever home. He is a such a loveable cat and he did not deserve to been thrown out on the street nor did he deserve to be shipped from pillar to post. He may have been a little loud at times but the joy and happiness he brought compensated for that and besides if you were abandoned you would have issues to.

    Thank you so much for all that you’ve done on behalf of Archie (AKA Rufus) and for all the other cats that would otherwise be put down.

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