Important Volunteer Roles Need Filling

"That cat's got a fluffy tail!" - Lovely Lucy seeks forever family!

Toronto Cat Rescue is seeking ambitious and committed volunteers who are interested in helping the organization with our administrative needs.

We are actively seeking volunteers for our Line 3 “Help With Cats Coordinator” role and Line 1 “Adoption Coordinator” role.  We are in urgent need of an adoption coordinator on Saturday, and a Line 3 coordinator on Sunday, Thursday and Friday during the day until 3pm.  Please fill in the Volunteer Form if you would like to help: Volunteer Form.

Responsibilities include:

* Picking up messages and emails on TCR’s main answering machine and email account on a set day or half day (for example, on Mondays). Calls on Line 3 are from the public about surrendering owned and rescued cats, concerns about feral cats and urgent messages about needy abandoned animals. Calls on Line 1 are from potential adopters who need to be interviewed and, if approved, referred to the foster parents of the cats that they are interested in.

* Returning people’s calls and interviewing them, in the case of Line 1, or providing them with advise in the case of Line 3.

* Producing a report at the end of the day which is sent to the email distribution list shared between the other coordinators in your role.

* Doing follow up with callers during the week, beyond your established shift day.

* Coordinators can expect at least 2-4 hours on their set day of time devoted to answering and returning calls, during the busy season. Follow up time during the week is required as well.

* Communication is done by the coordinator from home or work by phone and email.

* Training will be provided.

For more information and to offer your help, please fill in our Volunteer Form today.  Our team of loyal, amazing TCR volunteers can’t wait to work alongside you!  Thank-you!

2 Comments on “Important Volunteer Roles Need Filling

  1. Volunteer for TCR “Help For Cats” / Line 3 is a very rewarding volunteer role. We are still seeking people to fill the following times:

    Monday 9-3
    Tuesday 9-3
    Tuesday 3-9
    Friday 9-5

    If you love giving advice and helping people solve their cat problems, please contact us today!

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