Mama’s Need Loving Too…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there – human, feline or other!

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” – Charles Dickens

We would like to share with you three lovely mama kitties that are still awaiting adoption.  These gals have done an excellent job raising their kittens, and now it is their turn to be adopted and showered with love.  They are inspiring little ladies, who will make you smile.

ADOPT: If you would like to adopt one (or more!) of these little girls, please call 416-538-8592, press #1.

DONATE: If you would like to support the efforts of Toronto Cat Rescue on behalf of your mom please donate! Donations go directly to helping cats in need, and make a very loving, thoughtful gift.

A loving poem from “The Kittens Of TCR”:

We kittens now are all grown up and we have left the nest.
Today what we have come to say is mothers are the best!
They slept when we were tired, they fed when we were hungry,
If we were the type to wear clothes, I’m sure they’d do our laundry.
They didn’t even flinch when we attacked their tails
And I can’t remember even once, cutting back my nails.
But now there’s something so important, that we want you to know.
We have all started brand new lives, but for our mothers it isn’t so.
We all love our new families, they really are so dear,
Yet thinking back about our moms, brings along a little tear.
They raised us well, and we’ve all gone
And on this next point we are not wrong.
If you decide to adopt a mom for your pet,
One thing you won’t feel is any regret.
We are all happy, we are all content.
Please all we ask is that our moms get a chance.
So if you would be so kind, and take one of our mothers home.
This is something we felt you really should know.
Not only do you now have a great pet of your own,
But that new pet of yours has done more than you know.
They made kittens, and kittens, and kittens some more,
And they tried not to cry, watching their babies go out the door.
And they accepted their fate, to be left alone,
So please if you would…
Give them a home.

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