Update: Pet Valu Appreciation Weekend

A BIG thank you to Pet Valu for the Adopt-A-Thon events at their Pet Appreciation Weekend April 9th & 10th!

For the month of April please continue to go into TCR’s associated Pet Valu locations and donate a $1 by purchasing a PAW. Seventy-five cents of every dollar goes to Toronto Cat Rescue and the wonderful cats who still need forever homes.  Also, log onto the PAW Contest and enter to win free ipads, pet food and pet products!

Happy Chester and his forever parents!

At Pet Valu on Bloor we had a great turn out.  Lots of people came by to say hello to the cats, and so many people donated $1 to PAW. We have raised so much money for Toronto Cat Rescue (total still to come).  Thank you so much to Stephen and his wonderful team at the store who put up balloons, big signs, great deals/door prizes and encouraged people to donate.  We had two kitties adopted! Jeffie and Chester were both adopted into loving homes with great families to spoil them the way they deserve.  We also had lots of people interested in the cats that were there who will hopefully come back and adopt (see cats that were at the Adopt-A-Thon), as well as many people asking questions and getting educated!  All-in-all it was definitely a successful day.

Thanks again to all those who came out and donated.  Thanks to our very special volunteers who volunteered their time and talent to helping make the weekend a great success.  We really appreciate it… and so do the cats!

One Comment on “Update: Pet Valu Appreciation Weekend

  1. I’ve noticed a number of black cats have been adopted of late… this makes me soooo happy! Black cats are totally under-rated… most have a wonderfully laid back outlook on life (anything goes!) and take a closer look and you’ll find that black cats are strikingly good looking!

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