A Good Update: Barn Placement Found For Five Feral Cats

Many of you are probably wondering about the fate of the Feral Cats that were in need of relocation from a sensitive wildlife habitat in Toronto. We are very pleased to announce that a lovely barn with experience in accepting relocated cats stepped forward to give a home to all five cats! Located about 45 minutes north of Toronto, these cats will be sharing their home with other spayed/neutered cats, sheep, chickens, a rescued horse, rescued ponies, and wild mustangs (horses). So far two of the cats, “Jerry” and “Georgette” have been trapped, spayed/neutered and moved into the “cat room” in the barn, where they will stay for three weeks to adjust before being allowed to have run of the property. Their cat room abode comes complete with custom-built kitty hide-away condos and their new friend, “Frankie” (eating their food in the picture!) – luxury compared to the trailer they previously called home! Plans are in place to trap the remaining cats and move them in as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who helped find these cats their new home, and to those donors that made this project possible! $1,595 has been raised thus far to be put towards the “Grey Cat Relocation Project”.   Thank you, thank you!

One Comment on “A Good Update: Barn Placement Found For Five Feral Cats

  1. That is wonderful news! These guys have been on my mind since you first posted about them. I’m glad we could help.

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