Welcome Little Ones – You Are Now Safe!

With kitten season in its early stages, we’d like to welcome TCR’s first two litters of 2011 into the program!

Mystery gave birth on February 20, 2011 to four very sweet kittens. She was rescued from a high volume shelter and adjusted into her foster home just in time to give birth. Mystery has blossomed into quite the attentive little momma! The kittens are growing in leaps and bounds. They will be ready for adoption in approximately five weeks.

Our second litter was born on March 4, 2011. Found near York University, this momma (yet to be named) gave birth the day before she was brought into the program. TCR received a call about this litter and we were lucky enough to have a foster home who was willing to take her! These kittens will be adoptable in approximately seven weeks.

Bottle Feeders Needed: Many kittens that come into the TCR program are not quite as lucky as these newborns because they do not have a mom for one reason or another. Because of this, volunteer bottle feeders are essential to have on hand. TCR needs bottle feeders desperately as kitten season comes into full swing.

We need foster parents who are ready to take on newborn kittens and to hand feed them in their home until they are eating on their own (at six to eight weeks of age). Initially, feedings are necessary every couple of hours when kittens are newborns. Training and support will be provided to those with little or no experience, so new volunteers are very much welcome!  This is a very important and rewarding role in our organization. If you are interested, please fill out a Foster Home application and specify bottle feeding as an area of interest.  It is amazing to watch the kittens grow and then be adopted into their forever homes!

Here is a link that gives a good overview on Bottle Feeding Kittens from About.com.

5 Comments on “Welcome Little Ones – You Are Now Safe!

  1. Hi TCR , I am one of your foster parents .
    today i recieved the three little kittens that were found in the garbage bag ,they are doing really well they seem to be about 2 1/2-3 weeks old ,not as young as thought to be they are eating which is a good start and they have really good lungs on them .will give you guys a new update in a day or two thanks Rebecca

  2. These little ones are so cute, but make sure you check out the sweet kittens that are available for adoption now!! They need loving homes to watch them grow-up in… they don’t want to grow up in foster care! http://www.torontocatrescueadopt.com/

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