Minimal Effort Fundraising – Mandy & Kim’s Medical Bill

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards Mandy & Kim’s $8,000 vet bill. To-date we have raised 20% of our goal! With 80% to go, TCR still needs a lot of help to reach $8,000l, so please donate if you are able.  Donations of $10 or more receive a tax receipt (and our sincere appreciation)!  Please make sure your donation states: “Mandy & Kim’s Medical Bill“, so we can include it in our grand total… and reflect it on our tracking thermometer below.  To donate please view our Ways to Donate page, our Cat Sponsorship page, or click the thermometer for a direct link to our CanadaHelps page.  Thank-you everyone for helping!

Here are some fun ways to raise some money for Mandy & Kim’s medical bill that takes minimal effort:

Mommy, just chilling wait for her forever family to adopt her!

1. Host A Dinner Party: Invite friends & family over for a home-cooked dinner and ask that they pay at least $5 each to attend.  They get a fabulous night out, with good food and good conversation (and wine?) for a very low price.  You would probably host the dinner party with or without asking for a donation, but it is a great way to make everyone feel good about helping an excellent cause.

2. Sell Baked Goods: Do your co-workers love a sugary treat with their afternoon coffee?  Why not bake up a batch of home made cookies (or purchase home-made looking cookies at the store) and sell them to the sugar addicts for a $1 each.  Win-Win:  Your co-workers get a yummy treat, and you get to donate your proceeds to a wonderful cause, as well as raise awareness for a fabulous charity!

3. Upcoming Birthday or Wedding: Why not add “Donation to TCR / Mandy & Kim’s Medical Bill” to your birthday or wedding wish-list?  The odds are you will still get lots of presents to open, but people will also recognize what a giving and self-less person you are and donate to TCR (all proceeds do go to the cats!).

Again, we honestly appreciate every donation, so one BIG thank-you from all the TCR volunteers!

Fundraising Thermometer

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