New Affiliated TCR Pet Store!

Pet Valu: Keele & Wilson

We have very exciting news, Pet Valu located at Keele Street & Wilson Avenue in Toronto has partnered with TCR to foster cats in their lovely store!

TCR does not use pet stores as a shelter; instead they act as a temporary placement to give cats extra exposure outside of their foster homes, thus increasing their chances of being adopted.

Sweetheart Sam!

Update: Sweet Sam has been adopted!

Sam, a six year old long haired calico, is currently being fostered at the new store.  Sam was surrendered to TCR after her elderly owner passed away.  She was very traumatized after her world got turned upside down, but she is gaining her confidence back with each day.  Sam is a gentle, sweet girl that loves nothing more than to be scratched and petted.  She will push her entire body into your hand asking for more and drools when she is happy.  She has been shaved as her owner was unable to regularly brush her long coat.  Sam loves her new look and feels great now that she is no longer matted.  Sam has a runny eye which has been treated with antibiotics, however the vet believes that it will continue to clear up with a good diet and less stress.  It does not bother her at all but does need to be wiped occasionally.  Sam is fine with other cats but would be just as happy as your only feline companion.  Her new family should set up a sanctuary room to help her settle into her new home as she can become overwhelmed with new situations and hide.  She is not used to a lot of noise and commotion, so a quiet adult only home would be her preference.

Thank-you Pet Valu for helping Sam and many future cats find their loving forever families!

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  1. Tis is very easy for me to get to by ttc 😛 my accountant is not too far from there, so maybe when I go with hubby to go do our taxes, I can convince him to make a stop there, seeing the cats in person may make him more likely to say yes for a friend for Tuli 🙂 I *AM* making a tiny bit of progress, now instead of saying no, he is saying if we adopt a second kitty 😛

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