Welcome – Toronto Cat Rescue Has A New Look!

Cutie Pie Tommy!

Hi Loyal TCR Supporters! As we are sure you have noticed, Toronto Cat Rescue’s website has received a face-lift.  Please take a look around and we hope you will enjoy reading the new home page blog.  Make sure you check out our adorable Adoptable Cats page, which is now searchable, making it easier for you to view our 300+ available cats.

As we know, cats are very entertaining, so we hope you subscribe or check back often!  Feel free to share your own fun, kitty-cat stories as well.  To subscribe just enter your email address in the top right hand column of the Home page, in the field directly above the “Sign me up!” button.

Wishing you lots of cuddles and purrs, and thanks for all your support!

9 Comments on “Welcome – Toronto Cat Rescue Has A New Look!

  1. Very happy to announce that our Adopted Kitties are now featured on the site again! Please click the “Happy Endings” button on the right hand column to see our most recent happy adoptions. To quote John Lennon: “There’s no problem, only solutions”. 🙂

  2. The new web site is beautiful, clear and even more fun to visit than the previous version! Terrific work! I’m so glad consideration is being given to reinstating the Adopted Cats feature. Judging from other comments, I’m not the only one who takes special interest in some kittens’ or cats’ stories – when those little ones find their forever homes it’s a day brightener!

  3. The way the Adopted List was presented on the old site cannot be replicated with the new format, but please be patient, we are working on a way to highlight our lovely adopted cats.

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