Crème de la Crème

Caroline would love a treat (and a home)!

Cats love foods with a creamy texture. Most creamy textured edibles contain dairy and despite the archetypal image of the cat with the saucer of cream, dairy products are not a staple of the feline diet.

Cats are like lactose-intolerant people, they lack the enzyme needed to break down milk, and can get an upset stomach and/or diarrhea if they ingest milk in large amounts. However, in moderation, most cats can tolerate yogurt, so if you are having plain yogurt do offer your cat a teaspoon!

One Comment on “Crème de la Crème

  1. adult cats can’t tollerate milk because just like those of us who aren’t ‘lactase persistant’ they’ve been weaned. animals are supposed to lose the ability to break down lactose -which they’d no longer be ingesting from their mothers milk- after they’ve got through babyhood.

    those people who don’t have a genetic reason -mutated alleles- behind their continued ability to produce the digestive enyzmes that allow them to gulp down bottled bovine mammary secretions well into adulthood, have just dramatically delayed the natural process of their body ceasing to produce lactase, by continuing to ‘nurse’ long beyond the point that their body requires them to.

    they’d most likely start to develop lactose intollerance, and experience the challenges in breaking down milk sugar that go along with it, if they stopped consuming dairy products for an extended period. 😛

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