Sensational Senior Shelly Seeks Home

Update: Shelly has been adopted!!

At just a couple of weeks old, Shelly’s mom was hit by a car, leaving her an orphan.  Luckily for her, a very kind neighbourhood resident brought Shelly into her home, where she happily lived for over 20 years.  In a sad turn of events, Shelly’s human mom also passed away, and now at 20 years old Shelly is looking for a new home.

All Shelly wants is a warm spot where she can lounge in comfort.  She is not demanding, has perfect kitty manners and is remarkably healthy for a lady her age.  She is not on any medication, and other than missing all her teeth, you would never think Shelly is as old as she is.  Shelly tolerates calm cats and dogs, but adores humans.  She loves to butt her head up against yours and give you kitty kisses on your nose.  As soon as you go near her she hops up from her bed and dances in circles around you until you give her pets.  Shelly has a lot of spirit and just wants a quiet home where she can spend her retirement years being pampered and loved.

Please spread the word to all potential adopters that have an extra big hearts and lots of love to share with Shelly!  In lieu of our standard adoption fee, a donation of your choice is greatly appreciated – we just want her to be adopted into her special home.

4 Comments on “Sensational Senior Shelly Seeks Home

  1. I adopted a 20 year old cat last year and she was so sweet! Shelly sounds like a doll.

    • Hi Robin, my name is Denise Perrin we recently were taking care of a feral colony at work, we have 4 shelters that we built they are very nice.Our colony has all been adopted out. I was wondering if you can use them at your colony they are very well constructed out of wood and the roofs are also shingled and insulated. I can send you a picture if you like my email address is please let me know otherwise i hate to tear them apart.

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