For Cats Only: Happy Valentine’s Day

Roland, flashing the "ear".

Written By A Cat For A Cat

Love that warm, cozy feeling when your human pets you? Capitalize on it TODAY (because it is Valentine’s Day) with a fabulous mind game!  After you’ve had your fill of petting, carefully and meticulously clean off ALL the remnants of human scent from your stunning fur. Extra points for “annoyance ears” while going about your washing. More points for cleaning her hand before she pets you. Some more obtuse humans might think it’s a gesture of love, but the savvy ones will get the message.

Psst – Remember, NO Valentine’s Day chocolate for us fabulous felines, it’s really bad for us! Stick to indulging in feline friendly treats and catnip… plus then you don’t have to share with your humans!  Read more: Chocolate Toxicity in Cats and Dogs

One Comment on “For Cats Only: Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Hard to find and hard to see all too small and scattered. Confusing layout, opening each cat’s bio in a new window (you have to close it instead of “going back” in your browser). It’s user unfriendly. New design is fine, but why “fix what’s ain’t broken”? – the clear standard layout was easy to use for anybody, even for less computer-friendly. people

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