Raise Funds With Us!

Bridget post dental work, now a healthy lady who is available for adoption

Toronto Cat Rescue is hosting a FUNDRAISING meeting on Sunday, February 20th at 1pm! New volunteers are always welcome! If you have great ideas, or are a go-getter who likes to lead, we would love to have you on our team! Please fill in our Volunteer Form and you will be sent more information.

We really need help, as our vet bills have been very high over the last couple of months making sure the cats are healthy for their forever families.  As always, thanks a bunch for your help and support!

3 Comments on “Raise Funds With Us!

  1. Currently the adopted list is not part of the site, but we are looking into ways to highlight our adoptions. We welcome all adoption stories to profile– everyone loves happy endings!

  2. One of my favourite features of the old website was the “adopted cats” section. I really enjoyed reading the bios of the “available cats” and was thrilled to see when they were adopted and placed on the “adopted” list. I love to see the success stories!! I am also finding the pictures of the available cats a little too small (my eyesight is going). Otherwise everything looks great! Please bring back the adopted cats section!

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