Volunteers Needed In Brampton Area

Calling all cat lovers, old and young!  We have volunteer positions open for all of you!

Sweet and Loving Cici, adopted from PetSmart Trinity

TCR has partnered with PetSmart with the purpose of using the on-site adoption centers to showcase all our beautiful kitties.  All TCR has to do is supply the kitties to be shown off and supply the volunteers that go in and care for them.  We are really in need of volunteers in the Trinity Commons PetSmart.  Trinity Commons PetSmart is conveniently located at the 410 and Bovaird, in the Trinity Commons Mall.

If you have a couple hours a day free to spend some time rubbing paws with our kitties then let us know! Mornings, midday, afternoon and evenings are all great times to hang out with a TCR cat!  You can play and cuddle with the cats, as well as making sure they have fresh food, water, bedding and litter.

Don’t be shy, the kitties are waiting – just for you! Fill in our Volunteer Form today!  Read what some of the volunteers of Trinity have to say about the cats that they have cuddled in-store: “Adopt Rescues“.

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