Ping Pong Into Their Hearts

No one likes a bored kitty – Ping Pong balls make great cat toys and are very affordable!

Kitten Janie *adopted*

Ping pong balls are readily available at various stores, but chances are good that you or a friend may just have some lying around that aren’t being used. Ping Pong balls are smooth and roll fast and far! As there are no places on the ball for the cat to grab onto, this ball tends to move uncontrollably, and will happily frustrate your feline because it is so light.

Just show the ball to your cat first to get her attention (after a few weeks of playing with ping pong balls, kitty will often meow like no tomorrow when she sees you bring one out!) and then roll or throw it across the floor.  Happily watch your cat bounce after the ball!

Because this ball is very light, it has the added advantage of not damaging furniture.  The only downside is that because it is on the smaller side it is more apt to get lost underneath
things. You may want to block off possible places the cat ball may roll under, or have your cat play with them in the bathtub (add a bit of water for more fun)!

This cat toy is simple, but is often passed by in favor of much more expensive cat toy balls. Why pay for something that you already have lying in the closet or can buy at the
dollar store? Cat toys were meant to be cheap and this cat ball is definitely right up there in usability. It works well on all types of floors, and on non-carpeted surfaces it has the advantage of bouncing. Some cats may not like balls that bounce, but the majority of them will go nuts trying to catch it.

Warning: Please make sure your ping pong balls are not cracked because the sharp plastic may hurt your pet.

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