Become A TCR Agent!

Please help the cats and kittens in Toronto Cat Rescue foster care by becoming a TCR Agent – together we can help get them adopted into loving, forever homes!

Being a TCR agent is:
1. Easy
2. Free – it doesn’t cost a cent!
3. Location-less – you can do it where ever you live
4. Rewarding – it will make you feel great (and give a cat a second chance)

Sparkle *available for adoption*

All you need to do is TALK:
Spread the word about Toronto Cat Rescue to all your friends and family that may be looking to adopt a cat, or will offer a cat a loving home. We have cats for everyone – all ages and personalities, cats that are loners, cats that love dogs / cats / rabbits, cats that act like dogs, cats that act like… well, cats.

Educate people on the rewards of having a cat to share their life with. From companionship to laughter and entertainment, cats are fairly low maintenance and small home friendly – and again, TCR has cats for everyone!

Direct people to our website (via direct link or a search engine) because it has all the information they will ever need on it, plus pictures and bios on all the sweet available cats.  Facebook allows for easy sharing of information – join our group (we are a fun bunch!) and invite at least one other friend to join as well.  Refer someone to this blog and ask them to subscribe!  Again, it is easy, free, location-less and rewarding!

Added bonus: The more people you inform, the more people they can also inform – let’s get the ball rolling today!

Remember: The more cats and kittens that are adopted, the more kitties we can rescue from impending death and loneliness due to higher availability in our foster homes.

Please, we implore you to tell just one person – this small gesture may help save a cat that would otherwise not be saved.  As always, all help is greatly appreciated… and one person can make a difference!

2 Comments on “Become A TCR Agent!

  1. This is excellent! I’m so excited to see this blog and to know that TCR is spreading the word even farther about all the great work that they do! Having volunteered with this group in the past, I can attest to the hard work and dedication that these volunteers have for cats everywhere, and the excellent care they provide to each and every one that becomes apart of their organization in one way or another.

    Good luck TCR and well done!!!!

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