Dodged A Bullet

Wonder Cat: Bullet

Update February 25th, 2011: This little fellow has happily been adopted into his forever home!!  Lucky Bullet & lucky family!

It is amazing what some cats go through in their little lives and not only survive, but are highly adoptable and adaptable!  We want you to meet Bullet because you might say he “dodged a bullet” and came out loving everyone who comes across his path. The volunteers at TCR are so happy that we were able to save this little fellow and hopes he goes from rags to riches!

Bullet got his name as he has a bullet (well a beebee) in his head. Yes, poor Bullet was shot in the forehead with a Beebee gun by some nasty person, and then dumped at a  rural animal control shelter – abandoned, injured, scared and marked to be euthanized.  Lucky for Bullet a TCR foster home was at the shelter and brought Bullet to the vet. The vet x-rayed Bullet and treated him with antibiotics, but it was felt that the pellet was better left in his head, so Bullet will live his life with a reminder of his “near death experience” in his forehead. None of this horrible experience has left Bullet worse for wear and TCR has given him a second chance at happiness, he is currently available for adoption.

Sweet, Sweet Fellow, available for adoption.

Bullet loves to cuddle in for a good night sleep and is always there when you need a cheer up. From the time his foster family walk in the door from work he is there ready to greet you with chatter and meows and talk of how his day was and what he saw out the window. He loves to watch the squirrels and play fetch with a ball of tinfoil. He is an easy going guy who is happy to be loved.  This is what his foster dad has to say about Bullet: “No matter how rough your day was, you know you’ll be greeted by a lovable cuddle bug who has missed you while you were away”.  We think that says it all!!

Bullets Stats: DSH, brown tabby and white, male, neutered, vaccinated, DOB February 14, 2009 (of course this charmer is a Valentine’s Day baby!).  If you would like to make a donation towards his x-ray & vet costs, please click here.

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