Green Whiskers

Many of you might have noticed that TCR is a very versatile, multi-approach sort of rescue group. Personally that’s why I love it so much and why I will continue to support this group for years to come. I have been writing the Green Whiskers column for the newsletter since April 2009, as I wanted to add one more layer of versatility to what we all should stand for, and that is always ALWAYS remembering that our environmental impact is never-ending and that this awareness needs to be integrated into everything we do.

As a rescue group and as animal lovers I think we need to be constantly aware and remember that being “environmental” is more than the every day green changes most of us already do, such as recycling. As an Environmental Studies major I can definitely attest that being “green” is NOT just about recycling and changing light bulbs, but about a much bigger mentality shift. I hope this regular blog post will help to bring some fresh ideas into how you can be an awesome kitty owner and supporter of TCR and still be environmentally conscious. Over the next few months you can expect to see ideas on how to be a “green cat owner”.

Joey *available for adoption*

For now all I want to say is that I talk to a LOT of cat owners who seem to think that the way to their cat’s hearts is buying a multitude of kitty toys and accessories. While of course giving your cats toys is crucial to their mental health, most toys in the market are now elaborate, resource-wasting, and merely feed into our consumerist society. The need to constantly accumulate more things is one of the biggest problem our culture faces, because even green products such as hemp kitty toys require a degree of energy, resources, transportation gas output, and labour that is not going to help us make the shift we really need into being a minimalist society. So please remember that you are just as great of a cat owner if you spend a Saturday afternoon playing with your kitty, grooming her, and making her a home-made string and cork-screw toy as if you spend it at the local pet store buying a toy box’s worth of stuff. I guarantee you that your kitty will be happier to have the one-on-one time then to be given a bunch of toys that probably will end up lost under your couch.

Written By: Sarah May, TCR Volunteer, originally published in the TCR April 2010 newsletter.

One Comment on “Green Whiskers

  1. another sneaky trick i read about recently, that helps avoid poor longsuffering cat-carers from feeling like they need to keep buying new toys over and over again, as their little furry beastie rapidly bores of the current offerings:

    you can remove either anywhere from half to three quarters of the no-doubt overflowing mountain of mouses, balls, and assorted fluffy, feathery, and crunchy cat-entertainment -type items that are littering your home, and stuff them all into a large ziplock bag, plastic tub, or metal biscuit with a lid, and liberally douse the collection in catnip.

    if you hide it away somewhere catproof (to avoid a drug-crazed frenzy of plastic-chewing, courtesy of You Know Who) you can then start to use a rotation system to offer little-miss or -mister picky-paws a handful of ‘new and improved’ and ‘cat-nip fresh’ (secretly recycled) toys every week or so, taking away the current offerings at the same time, and chucking them into their own bag/tub to marinade in another liberal sprinkling of dried catnippy-goodness.

    you can re-use the ‘nip quite a few times without the stink running out, and the toys that come out of the bag every week are seasoned to perfection- it also serves as an ideal time to give removed toys the once-over to make sure they’re still in good nick and safe to play with, patch up any unstitching, give drool-covered items a quick wash, etc!

    cats are like kids in that they will usually totally forget about an uncherished item once its out of eyeshot, then go “ooooh!” with enthusiasm when it magically reappears. as a plus, your home might (no promises) end up looking a little bit less like the aftermath of an explosion in a toyshop as well- with only 250 cat toys littered about, instead of the usual thousand or so!

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