Colbey: The One Cat Wonder!

A Few Words from Colbey: “I am an extremely curious, excitable and hyper guy! I love lots of activity and attention, but prefer attention from humans than from other cats. I came from a life on the streets, where I was in a very busy subdivision trying to fend for myself. Now with the hard times behind me I am really soaking up the love in my foster home! An ideal day for me is playing with my catnip pillow, getting lots of rubs, talking to my people, then eating a big meal and curling up for cuddles and purrs”.

DSH, silver tabby, male, neutered, vaccinated, DOB March 27, 2008. Colbey is a very handsome fellow who is almost more pewter-coloured than grey. He is so loving and seeking of affection. He gives kisses and sometimes gently nips to express his love. He is very talkative, so will make a very loyal, doting companion! He is best suited in an adult-only,  single-cat family where he can bask in your attention. He is so entertaining with his wide-eyed expressions that he will delight you all day long. You will always know love with Colbey in the home!

If you would like to set-up a meet & greet with his charming fellow, please contact TCR: (416) 538-8592, press #1 (to see more pictures, please click his photo above).

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