Volunteer with Us!


Toronto Cat Rescue is 100% volunteer, with no paid employees (even the Executive members are volunteers!).  Join our passionate, dedicated team today by filling in our Volunteer Form or our Foster Application!

Here are just some of the many jobs that our volunteers do: advertising, adopt-a-thons, bottle feeding, t-shirts, communicating, cleaning, coordinating, driving, designing, e-mailing, events, fostering, feeding in colonies, Facebook, fundraising, grooming, giving medicine to kitties, helping the public, ironing, jumping for joy with each adoption, keeping lists, liaising, listening, answering and asking medical questions, naming kittens, organizing events, PR, pamphlets, paying bills, picking up money, paperwork, phoning, questioning potential adopters, rescuing from Hamilton, recovery, screen printing, spay/neuter booking, sub-Q, screening adopters and new foster homes, taking pictures, tax receipts, trapping, updating lists, vet appointments, website, x-rays, yawning at midnight, zipping around the GTA… which leads to getting kitties adopted into purr-fect forever homes!