Toronto Cat Rescue

Our Latest Quebec Rescue Effort


On Tuesday August 18, 2015, Toronto Cat Rescue volunteers eagerly awaited the arrival of 29 cats and kittens from SPCA Beauce-Ecthemin, just outside of Quebec. The cats had travelled almost nine hours to escape euthanasia due to shelter overcrowding.

Our friends at SPCA Beauce-Ecthemin had exhausted all resources and were losing hope. They had grown so attached to these cats, who had been in the shelter for months that such a gruesome fate was unbearable for them to fathom. They sent out an SOS to TCR and we answered their plea.

It was a hot humid afternoon in Toronto and over 20 volunteer drivers, foster homes and other coordinators braced the sweltering heat and banded together to save these precious lives. As we unloaded the carriers, we were greeted with the most stunning friendly cats of all colours and ages. Plus they had some of the coolest French names! All of the cats were healthy, friendly and totally excited to explore their new surroundings.

The wonderful staff at SPCA Beauce-Ecthemin lovingly cared for all of these cats for as long as they could. It was a sad send off for them, but their hardest goodbye was to Rufus. Rufus is a six year old handsome grey/white male who has been waiting in the shelter for a forever home for over two years!! He became a part of the Beauce-Ecthemin family, and they playfully dubbed him their Mascot, but they were saddened that Rufus spent every night in a cage for such a long time. The shelter Manager shares:

“Yes, Rufus was with us for over 2 years, at first he was aggressive, so we had him sterilized, he calm down a bit,  after that he got sick, so we treated him for something like six months, when he was ready for adoption – nobody wanted him so we decided to keep him as long as he get adopted. Finally when you (TCR) offered us to take cats, we discussed about Rufus and we decide that he deserve a home where he can finish his life in peace without having to go back in a cage each night. There is no kinder act than knowing when to let go of someone you love. So with tears and well wishes, Rufus was sent to Toronto to find his forever family.”

Rufus and all of the other cats will be available for adoption shortly – watch our Adoptable Cats Page to find your new best friend!

Adopt-A-Thon Weekend: 3 Locations

Adoptathons are a great way to meet lots of cats and kittens outside of their foster homes.  Meet and adopt your forever buddy at one of the next events:

wagJuly 25th 10am – 4pm: Wag On The Danforth, Toronto: 1918 Danforth Ave. / 647-349-8263 /  All cats over 8 months have a special adoption fee of $100!
petsmartJuly 24th, starting at 5pm until July 26th at 5pm / PetSmart Cambridge: 600 Hespeler Road #68b / 519 621-9696 / All cats over 8 months have a special adoption fee of $100!
July 25th 9am – 9pm / July 26th 10am – 6pm  / PetSmart Scarborough: 12 William Kitchen Rd / 416-335-7922/ All cats over 8 months have a special adoption fee of $100!

Ragdoll and Himalayan Rescue


Update: A HUGE heartfelt thank you for the outpouring of support surrounding our ragdoll and himalayan rescue. We greatly appreciate your generous donations (we surpassed our goal!), offers to foster, offers to adopt, and spreading the word about the rescue. *Thank YOU!*

We want to share with you Puff’s before and after picture – she is doing well in foster care. The cats are starting to become available for adoption, please find them here.

Foster Applicants: We are happily overwhelmed with the amount of new foster families who want to open their door to these cats, we apologize if there is a delay in getting back to you about next steps – a volunteer will call you shortly.


Last week, TCR helped with another terrible hoarding case in the east end of city with Toronto Animal Services (TAS).  A former Ragdoll and Himalayan breeder wasn’t able to care for her cats anymore, and the cats were found in deplorable conditions.

Over 60 Ragdoll and Himalayan cats have been removed from the one bedroom apartment and brought to the shelter by animal control officers.  TAS staff are still working to assess them, but TCR has taken the cats in the worst shape to vet clinics.

All of the cats in TCR’s care have health issues that need immediate attention.  We need your help to get them the urgent vet care they need.  Make a donation today to help one of these cats get dental surgery, treatment for colds and eye infections, and shaving to remove painfully matted fur.

Please consider making a donation of $150 to sponsor one of them. This is the average veterinary cost for each cat rescued – bringing our fundraising goal to $5,000.

We also appreciate all of the support of new foster families – fill in our foster application today, and a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible.  We are under so much pressure at this time of year with shelters being overcrowded with kittens and cats, your help is greatly appreciated!!